When To Massage Lips After Filler?

Lip fillers, which provide plumper and more youthful-looking lips, have become a popular cosmetic treatment.

Knowing how to care for your lips after a filler injection, on the other hand, is critical for achieving the best results and minimizing any potential adverse effects.

In this article, we will address when and how to massage your lips after filler injections to ensure you get the most out of your procedure.

When To Massage Lips After Filler?

Massage should begin no sooner than 24 hours following lip filler injections. To avoid difficulties, it is critical to allow the filler to settle naturally during this early period.

After this initial phase, massage your lips 2-3 days after having a lip injection. Follow your provider’s precise instructions at all times since they may have unique guidelines based on the type of filler used and your individual needs.

Gently massaging the filler with clean hands and a lubricating ointment will help spread it evenly, decrease lumps, promote blood flow, and improve overall comfort, assuring the greatest outcomes from your lip filler procedure.

How To Massage Your Lips After Filler?

It is critical to massage your lips following filler injections to ensure even distribution and best outcomes. Here’s a step-by-step method to safely massaging your lips:

1. Clean Hands

Before you begin the massage, make sure your hands are completely clean. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap.

This procedure is critical to preventing potential infections or pollutants from entering the treated region.

2. Use Lubrication

Apply a tiny amount of a soothing, moisturizing, and non-irritating ointment or lip balm on your lips to make the massaging procedure more comfortable.

This lubricant reduces friction and allows your fingertips to slide easily on your lips throughout the massage.

3. Finger Technique

You’re now ready to begin massaging your lips. To do the massage, use your index and middle fingers, which are often the most dexterous.

Start at the center of your upper lip, just below the Cupid’s bow. Press your fingertips gently against the skin and move them outward toward the corners of your lips.

There is no need for strong pressure; keep your touch gentle. Continue in a circular, sweeping motion, working your way down to the bottom lip.

4. Be Gentle And Deliberate

As you massage, keep the treated regions where the filler was injected in mind. To avoid undue stress on the newly enhanced areas, use only delicate and deliberate pressure.

Pay close attention to any spots that may seem somewhat uneven or lumpy. A gentle massage might assist to evenly distribute the filler and fix these tiny flaws.

5. Follow Your Provider’s Instructions

It’s critical to follow your provider’s advice for when and how to massage your lips following filler injections.

They are well-versed in the precise filler utilized, your personal requirements, and the best post-procedure care.

Always follow their recommendations, including the suggested frequency and duration of massage treatments.

6. Maintaining Consistency

Maintaining consistency in your massage routine is critical for attaining the desired effects. You may need to massage your lips many times a day for several days after the operation, depending on your provider’s advice.

Regular, soft massages help the filler settle properly and minimize any potential lumps or unevenness.

Tips For Lip Filler Aftercare

Aftercare is an essential component of any cosmetic procedure, whether invasive or non-invasive.

It reduces negative effects and speeds up healing. The following suggestions will greatly assist you in your recuperation.

Swelling Is Common

First and foremost, your lips may be puffy following the operation. Our first piece of advice is to not panic because minor swelling, redness, and slight bruising at the injection site is totally typical. It will be gone in a few days.

Put Some Ice On Your Lips

To reduce discomfort and swelling, take an ice cube, wrap it in a towel, and place it on your lips.

You can repeat this multiple times during the day. Make certain that you are not putting ice directly on your lips.

Don’t Workout After That

Do not exercise for 24 to 48 hours after receiving lip fillers. Exercise might raise your blood pressure, exacerbating the swelling and bruising. It is preferable to refrain from exercising and let your lips to heal properly.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Staying hydrated is essential in general, but it is especially important after any type of cosmetic surgery, including lip fillers. It aids your body’s healing process.

Eat Healthily And Limit Your Salt Consumption

Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. Excess sodium should be avoided for a few days since it can exacerbate lip swelling.

Avoid The Sun And Heat

Heat can cause edema. For at least 48 hours after obtaining lip fillers, avoid excessive temperatures such as heated rooms, saunas, gyms, fitness classes, and bright sunshine.

Ask For Pain Relievers First

Always with your doctor about which pain relievers are appropriate for you. Because standard blood-thinning drugs might exacerbate bruising, it is best to request an alternative.

Consider Upcoming Events

If you want lip fillers for a certain event (birthday party, wedding, graduation, etc.), you should get them a month in advance so that you have enough time to recuperate.

You Should Sleep On Your Back

For 24 to 48 hours, try sleeping on your back with your head up. Avoid sleeping on your face until your lips have fully healed.

Wait A Few Minutes Before Applying Makeup

Apply no lipstick or other cosmetics to your lips or around your lips for 24 to 48 hours following the procedure.

Things To Avoid After Lip Filler Treatment

You will be OK if you follow all of the recommendations given above. To attain the best outcomes, you should also avoid the following.


Tobacco use can raise the risk of infection. As a result, it is recommended that you refrain from smoking for a few days before and after obtaining lip fillers.


Alcohol thins the blood. Any blood thinner should be avoided for 24 to 48 hours following lip filler treatment because it might induce irritation, edema, and bruising.


Preparation is the key to perfect filler results. It is recommended that you avoid flying for a week following the treatment because it will aggravate the swelling and bruising. So make your plans appropriately.

Lip fillers can produce stunning, natural-looking results, but correct maintenance is key, including understanding when to massage your lips. Always get tailored advice on your unique therapy from a trained and experienced provider. By adhering to the suggested timetable and lip massage practices, you may reap the maximum benefits of your lip filler while minimizing any potential negative effects.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find it helpful.

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